Robotization of the industry and development investments29th edition of the Rehabilitation Fair at Ptak Warsaw Expo

Are rehabilitation robots already the present for the industry, or maybe the future? Is it possible to cure modernly after traffic accidents? How to get funding and invest to focus on development? These and other topics were discussed during the Rehabilitation Fair which 29th edition took place on December 7-9, 2022 at Ptak Warsaw Expo.

Today, there is no doubt as to the answer to the question of what is the future of rehabilitation and physiotherapy. It is robotization that allows for more accurate procedures and faster progress for the patient. There was a discussion around this topic, as well as skilful investing in business, during the 29th edition of the Rehabilitation Fair at Ptak Warsaw Expo.

Robotization of the industry and development investments at the Rehabilitation Fair

It is not without reason that such issues were chosen as the basis for the conference discussion. There is a connection between the investment in robotization, increase in patient satisfaction with treatment and a rise in the facility’s profits.

During the Rehabilitation Fair, such experts as professor CMKP, habilitated doctor of medical sciences Małgorzata Łukowicz shared their observations on neuroplasticity or modern methods of treating spinal cord injuries (Beata Tarnacka, MD, PhD, prof. NIGRiR). In addition, the capabilities of the latest robots, such as Luna EMG, were presented based on clinical trials. There were also innovative solutions in the care of post-accident patients. The Reha Help concept was presented by Daniel Kocur and Marcin Kliś from VOX Veritas. In addition, they talked about how an automated apartment of the 21st century with rehabilitation works, and how to get funding in the name of a modern approach to patient treatment.

During the event, automated clinics and manufacturers of facilities for the disabled (Nordmedic. Levi Care, Klinika Orygin, Donum Corde) presented their achievements to date. All to show that in Polish reality, not always fully beneficial for the patient, modern conditions that are conducive to a quick recovery can be created.

However, these were only some of the topics discussed during the Rehabilitation Fair. Doctors with many years of experience conducted workshops and presented new treatment options for individual conditions. All this to show how to help even more those who need it most.

Full possibilities of the sector at the Rehabilitation Fair

However, a solid dose of medical inspiration is not all that visitors to the Rehabilitation Fair could experience. It was also an opportunity to get acquainted with the full range of the sector’s offers, to compare and analyze new industry opportunities, as well as to check the competitiveness on the market. During the event, service providers from Poland and abroad in the field of rehabilitation, physiotherapy, clinics, hospitals, specialists in aesthetic medicine, manufacturers and distributors of medical and rehabilitation equipment, as well as supplements, presented themselves.

In total, the 29th edition of the Rehabilitation Fair was visited by 4236 people who got acquainted with the offers of 98 exhibitors on 18 000 m2 of the exhibition space of Ptak Warsaw Expo. Thank you for coming in such large numbers and we invite you to the next edition of the event.